Third round Formula Renault 1.6!
Formula Renault 1.6 NEC Junior
11th-13th July 2014
3rd race Nürburgring!

The third round of the 2014 season once again took place in co-operation with the World Series by Renault, this time at the Nürburgring in Germany. However, I knew this weekend would be exceptionally difficult for me as I have never raced on this particular track before.

To make matters worse the practice sessions were delayed due to the fog and difficult driving conditions. Once the fogged had cleared the practice laps took place and I finished 6th on both occasions.

The qualifying rounds were frustrating for me as I only managed to finish 8th in the first race and 7th in the second. I knew something was wrong and that something needed to improve quickly.

I worked hard in the first race to move up to 4th place before receiving a “drive-through-penalty” which knocked me back into 9th place on the track.

The second race was also disappointing for me personally. As I was sitting in 6th place on the final lap, I decided to try and overtake my opponent who was in 5th. My enthusiasm proved to be a mistake on this occasion and ended up costing me another place on the track. I finished the race in 7th place.

Shortly after Nürburgring my car broke down whilst taking part in a test day and my engineers later informed me that the problems with the car had begun in Germany. This explained the reasons for the difficulties but I knew it was time to move on and look ahead to Assen.