Launch in Formula Renault 1.6!
Formula Renault 1.6 NEC Junior
11th-13th October 2013
Let the games begin!

On the 7th of October my fitnesstrainer Georg Lanschützer and me started our journey to Holland. The track (Zandvoort) is seen as one of the most challenging tracks in Europe. My first rollout in sunshine went quite well although racing with a formula car has been absolutely new area for me in contrast to all other drivers who already have competeted in 5 races. It didn`t take me a long time to get comfortable with the track! Before going to Holland I practised in the F1 simulator at Penker-Racing but there was still a huge difference!

On friday we went back to the track for two free practises. The sun wasn´t shining and it seemed like starting to rain in a few minutes, but still no problem for testing. My teammate Jan Schwitter and me analysed some data together with our engineer Peter Sieber. Peter explained me a lot important things for the upcoming day.

Day 2 in Zandvoort – 1 free practise, 1 qualifying practise. In qualifying practise I reached the 10th place which wasn´t so bad! My teamboss Walter Lechner and Peter were very pleased with the result and with my performance.

So let´s do some racing..

In the first race I had a very good start and could overtake some drivers. I passed the start-finish line as 7th place! Very nice to come back in the pits and to see everyone smiling and congratulating me. We went back to work and analysed the data as usual. My teammate had some problems with fuelpressure in the race so the mechanics had the check the engine. They saw that the fuelfilter was full of dirt. So they checked it on my car aswell. Same problem. Our mechanics worked all night to make our cars ready for Sunday. On Sunday it was incredible stormy and it was still heavy rain in Zandvoort. Unluckily I just had one session on wet track before so I wasn´t really sure how it is going to be. The start was followed by the safetycar. In the 20 minutes racetime we only had 3 laps without safetycar. After safety car phase there was a big crash so the organisation decided to stop the race due to the red flag. I could hold my 10th place from qualifying which was a great result! All in all I can say it was a great weekend, I gained a lot of experience which will help me in future. Due to the high amount of positive feedback from Walter and Peter I am highly motivated for 2014! Let´s work hard, to reach the top in the rankings at the end of 2014!